• Electrical Works

    Electrical Works is one of the three main branches of MEDC provided services. Since that electric works is mainly related to all of other services provided, we derive to draw and build detailed designes best suited for our projects.

  • Mechanical Works

    As mechanical works is mainly what we have been doing since our first day, we are delightfully committed to apply what we have experienced, learned and implemented in our projects before throughout all our upcoming projects. From different HVAC systems, firefighting, to the latest energy efficient use. The mechanical design and implementation is our core.

  • Plumbing Works

    The last but not least in our services, which is the plumbing. In MEDC we have successfully delivered plumbing drawings and supervised various various plumbing works with different nature and different requirements such as driving and heating war, by which these systems are already commissioned and smoothly carrying water or heated water throughout our designed networks.


With more than 20 years of experience, MEDC provides a wide range of professional services, which includes design and supervision of different but various HVAC, firefighting, plumbing, mechanical and electro-mechanical systems, all under one roof complying with international engineering, construction standards and codes.


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